How does our community coaching work? 

We want to get you started on the journey to make your community dreams a reality. We help by creating a personalized roadmap with you, based on our extensive personal knowledge and networks. 

The journey does take time and money.  It helps to be prepared! We will help you see how to plan, to choose among the people and communities in our network, and that you will discover as you move along. 

You  start with 60 - 90 minute conversation in-person or by phone, usually with both of us. This is a time to share your feelings, fears, and needs, your gifts and resources.  We will ask you questions about things to consider.  We will explore different community options with you - the realities of current types of communities, their cultures, and membership processes.  

By the end of our coaching session, you will have a series of steps you can take, and the trade-offs you could consider. You will know about many resources; books, manuals, directories, web-sites, and contact information to head out on your journey. 

In some cases, you can find the right opening immediately. IKeep in touch and we can keep you in loop with new connections and openings. 

It can help to have an attitude of curiousity and informed openness about yourself and what's out there.  This could get you further than focusing on a detailed check-list of must-haves, right now!

Yes, you can find a home in a community, with people you trust and appreciate.  

Call us for an initial conversation and find out if coaching can be helpful to you. 

How can we help you? Get in touch.