Do you have dreams of living a more cooperative life? A life in community with people who care and share key values with you? 

The Cohousing Coaches provide personal and group consultations, offering perspective, intruction, tools, trainings, and referrals for finding and creating cooperative housing communities, and, helping current ones thrive. 

Coaches Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris combine 20 years of experience each in different aspects of cooperative culture.  We have organized, lived in, and advised  intentional and affordable housing and co-work communities. For the last 15 years, we have shared the evolution and leadership of the cohousing movement in the US.  We are in touch with hundreds of community members, founders, and experts in cooperative culture. 

Betsy has a masters and doctorate in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley and has been a consultant and director of community and economic development projects, working with nonprofits, social ventures and public agencies since 1990. She serves on the board of the Fellowship for Intentional Community (ic.org).  She created the position of  Research Director for Coho/US in 2006, and is a member of the Cohousing Researchers Network, the Communal Studies Association, and the Global Ecovillages Research Network. 

Raines is organizer of Cohousing California and a dozen regional intentional community networks in California and other parts of the country.   He has served as board member and IT consultant for Cohousing Association of the US, and the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) board.  He has visited most U.S. cohousing neighborhoods.  His interests include: Certified Senior Advisor, and Certified Green Building Professional, and specializes in grassroots/guerilla marketing strategies and using Web effectively. He trained with Al Gore as part of The Climate Project. His background in journalism, computer user group organizing, and the sharing.  

Both have professionally facilitated cohousing group meetings and advised groups on outreach, advised individuals seeking community, and organized regional events featuring national speakers.

Both are Senior Cohousing Facilitators trained by Charles Durrett, helping groups with Aging In Community strategies. They live together at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing.

Contact the Cohousing Coaches or call (510) 842-6224 to find or create your community connection.


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